Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a global problem, particularly poignant in Latin America. Within Peru, the region of Cusco is known as being one of the most violent in terms of male aggression against women and children. Training and education in domestic violence is in high demand yet there is very little supply.

Domestic violence includes physical, psychological, sexual, and economic abuse toward spouses, children and elderly who are known to the perpetrator.  These issues are very sensitive and exist in Peru within a shroud of shame and secrecy. To address these topics directly in a public setting is difficult therefore a “back door” approach is often taken.  One such approach is the Escuela de Padres (“School of Parents”) which is a loosely organized program targeting the parents and non-parental guardians of school children. The programs mainly address the topics of values, self-esteem, child rearing & education but also touch on the topics of abandonment, machismo, alcoholism and domestic violence. In many cases, teachers and tutors are included in the trainings or may receive separate instruction. 

WAA sponsors such programs and is continually seeking psychologists and other persons with expertise in related fields.

The following institutions have received or are scheduled to receive “Escuela de Padres” training:

- Escuela Nuestra Senora de Fatima, Calca

- Instituto Educativo General Ollanta, Urubamba

- Instituto Educativo Divino Maestro, Urubamba

- Others

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