The World Ayni Association supports foreign students and professionals who possess specific expertise “in-demand” to serve in disadvantaged communities according to their ability, vision and passion (as opposed to the cost & terms of a pre-packaged volunteer experience).

This is accomplished by facilitating small groups of experts or adept students to travel to Peru in order to hold training seminars in the area(s) of their expertise.

It is advisable that these programs use a “training the trainer” model for optimal impact in the communities in which they will serve.  However other program models may be incorporated. 

Requirements & Participant Costs

1. The minimum group size is 1 person; the maximum 4. It is ideal that the group should be formed before presenting itself to WAA and that group members have known each other prior to the trip (i.e., friends, spouses or associates).

2. Pre-Requirements:

Each participant will:

    A: complete a participant questionnaire (Click Here),

    B: submit a resume,

    C: submit references, and

    D: complete an online Spanish language competency exam (Click Here).

(Note that requirement “D” may be waived in the case that Spanish is the person’s native language or that the person has absolutely no competency in the Spanish language.)

3. The pre-requirement material for all participants must be submitted no less than one month in advance of the group’s intended arrival date.

4. Once the group has been pre-approved, a proposed training itinerary and trip cost estimate will be prepared for the review of the group which will reflect their spending preferences (as indicated in their completed questionnaires). This must be approved by all visiting trainer participants. 

5. Proof of airline ticket purchase is also required before the group’s Capacitaciones-en-Ayni Program can be confirmed. (Note: participants should arrive at least two days prior to the first scheduled training for orientation and in order to review and finalize training formats and strategies).

6. The costs of inland transportation, lodging and food will be covered by the participants. If the itinerary includes hotels requiring down payment, a group member must provide credit card information to guarantee the rooms.  Participants will also pay for training materials (see below for more information on training materials).

7. A $200.00 administration fee per person is required, all of which goes toward supporting families or individuals in crisis in the region of Cusco, Peru.

8. There are no hidden costs to the visiting trainer participants. However it is required that each participant make a monetary contribution to either WAA or to another approved Peruvian organization or project.

9. During the actual program, each participant is required to have, or have access to, no less than $100.00 per week for their own personal incidentals or emergencies.

10. WAA bears no legal responsibility nor liability for the health, welfare or conduct of participating visiting trainers.

Training & Training Materials

1. All training materials are provided by the participants, including that required for a successful program for each of the scheduled trainings for the group. This includes the cost of material translation & duplication.

2. In special cases, the cost of on-site oral translation or other program components may be covered by or shared by WAA.

3. If they are experts in their field, they may independently develop the material or obtain it from an alternate source. If they are students, they will either develop the material under the supervision of a professor, or obtain it from an alternate qualified source.

4. These should be submitted ideally one month or more prior to the group’s arrival date. A training plan should also be submitted indicating the participant’s training format and strategy. One person may submit training material and strategy on behalf of the entire group.

5. WAA may request permission to reuse materials for future training programs.