Your Support

All of WAA’s programs and activities are made possible by the generosity and good will of individual and family donations.

While relief & response work is important, we also have a commitment to the poor and disadvantage that have not been affected by the flooding. And there are many!!!

We are always ready and willing to receive “flood victim” donations and will see that any further money received is distributed in a practical, responsible and compassionate manner.

Donations of any amount, large or small, can make a big difference. Here are some examples:

  1. -$50.00 will pay for one full day of therapy work for three families (approximately 12 hours).

  2. -$70.00 can buy a decent mattress (of course there are cheaper ones, but the quality goes down significantly).

  3. -$80.00 can buy a student a good pair of eye glasses (you may also send us old prescription eye glasses).

There are innumerable ways to your donation can help families or individuals. If you have a preference or question about how your donation can or will be used, or if you would like information about tax deductions please email us.

Donations may be received through:

  1. 1.PayPal:

  2. 2.Western Union:

  3. 3.Bank Deposit: email us for account details

  4. 4.International Money Transfer: email us for account details