The World Ayni Association (WAA) is a non-profit organization that offers training programs and services to rural and disadvantaged communities in Peru.

In Spanish speaking circles, we are known as the Asociación Capacitaciones en Ayni (ACEA). 

Primarily we organize and finance training programs in the areas of health and vocational development, however in certain contexts, we also assist families and individuals who are in crisis or facing a particular challenge.

We have a simple model working with both local and visiting trainers. For local trainers, we offer a small stipend for their time plus we cover the transportation and operating costs of their program. For visiting trainers, we provide planning & logistical support in exchange for an administration fee and a post-program donation to either WAA or to another approved Peruvian organization. In both cases, we seek to create for our trainers social service opportunities in venues and contexts outside their usual professional sphere of activity.

Poverty Mentality: In many Latin American countries, as in many parts of the world, governments have been in the practice of buying the allegiance of the rural poor by way of hand-outs. This practice, although politically successful, serves to perpetuate a “poverty mentality” in which rural people believe themselves to be inferior and impotent. Unknowingly, and in spite of good intentions, many international organizations mimic this strategy when they offer rural communities external solutions and support without requiring them to contribute to the process. 

With this foremost in mind, WAA seeks to create opportunities for collaboration in which all the those involved – trainers, trainees and associates – are participating according to the sacred laws of give & take. Our programs are not designed to “help the needy” but to empower all those involved in a creative process of learning and teaching.  

We do not offer hand-outs to communities seen as incapable of helping themselves but rather seek to fulfill the unmet training demands of eligible communities or institutes that have demonstrated an authentic and passionate desire to improve their situations.

Training participants pay a collaboration fee in “ayni” between s/1,00 and s/10,00 per training course and/or make a bartered contribution (for example, potatoes, corn, plants, animals, eggs, time volunteered, etc).

The money that is generated through our programs and trainings goes into a fund for Families & Individuals in Crisis. We buy mattresses, bedding and general supplies and at times make cash donations or loans for special cases, such as for health, education or security.  To learn about how you can help, click here.

“What is Ayni?”