Local Trainers – Peruvian professionals or high-level students who wish to donate time and resources by leading a training seminar in the area of their expertise. According to their ability, Local Trainers may share travel, logistic and training material costs with WAA or make some contribution in “Ayni”. In most cases, local trainers receive modest compensation for their time and service. Email us for more information on local trainer participation.

Visiting Trainers – Foreigners traveling to Peru who wish to engage in international service work while touring the country. Visiting Trainers are required to cover all of their travel & logistic costs during their training tour and provide all training material and cover all translation and on-site costs. WAA will take care of all planning and logistical issues at no additional cost to the visiting trainer. Click here for more information on visiting trainer participation.

Associate Trainers – Learn about some of the people who work or have worked with us and the training programs they have run.

                                                       1. Mental Health Trainers

                                                       2. Physical Health Trainers

                                                       3. Holistic Health Trainers

                                                       4. Vocational Development Trainers

Future TrainersThere are endless training needs in rural Peru in all areas imaginable. At this time, WAA is seeking the following:

doctors, nurses, psychologists, nutritionists, massage specialists, chiropractors,

bone specialists, herbalists, midwives, physical therapists, occupational therapists,

feng shui practitioners, sports professionals, hair dressers, wilderness survival specialists,

hotel/restaurant mgmt. specialists, business mgmt. specialists, inter alios.


If you or someone you know holds expertise in one of the above fields, in a related field or in a field with potential applicability in Peru, email us at